We're working hard to get the Eat Wagon up and running soon, In the meantime, stay tuned to @EatWagon for the latest updates.

Like a bun in the oven, this section will be ready very soon or

Like a watched pot, this section won't boil if you keep clicking refresh or

Pot, meet kettle, it's not like you've always finished everything on time, this section will be ready soon or

We didn't count your chickens, don't count ours, this section will be ready soon or

There weren't too many cooks in the kitchen, we just haven't finished this section yet or

Don't stick a fork in this section of the website yet, it's obviously not done or

You can give a man a fish and he'll eat for a day, you can finish his website and he won't have a 'coming soon' page or

An apple a day won't finish a website, we tried. This section is coming soon or

Be cool as a cucumber, this section will be ready soon or

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