Eat Boston, previously Eat, produces creative food sampling events around the country, often as a fundraiser for local food-centric non-profit organizations. To date, Eat Boston events have raised over $150K for area causes.

About Eat Boston

Eat was founded in 2010 when Chef Will Gilson and Aaron Cohen joined forces to create an event, dining, and event dining production company. Will's experience as a chef willing to test culinary boundaries matched well with Aaron's event production and marketing experience to create Boston's first pop up restaurants among other fun with food. At the beginning of 2012, Will started the process of opening Inman Square's Puritan & Co. Aaron continues to run Eat Boston, launching events in multiple cities and new events in Boston. Check us out on Twitter and Facebook.

About Aaron

Early on, Aaron dreamed of being a rockstar and spent (what felt at the time like) an eternity managing tours for a local band. The last several years have been spent immersed in social marketing and internet culture, and he's had content commissioned by Esquire.com and Urlesque.com. Aaron writes Unlikelywords.com, founded PetsAreSuperhero.es with a friend, started Super Precious Art Gallery so he would stop buying art, and thinks dessert is the be all end all. You can follow him on Twitter here.