Monsters of Pork do American Lamb
April 2, 2011. Presented by: Eat and Boston Chefs


Monsters of Pork brings together some of Boston's 'masters of meat' for an educational afternoon of heavy metal lamb butchery demonstrations, lamby treats, and tasty beverages. The demonstrations will cover where on the lamb different cuts come from, how to prepare these cuts, and possibly a look at "how the sausage is made". All lamb for this event is American lamb generously provided by the American Lamb Board.

The Monsters of Pork are:
Will Gilson (Garden at the Cellar)
Nuno Alves (Tavolo Ristorante)
Vadim 'The Butcher' Akimenko (Akimenko Meats)

On 4/2 the Monsters of Pork are very excited to feature Chef Seth Morrison from host restaurant The Gallows and the 'Boston Lambassador' Chef Michael Scelfo from Russell House Tavern. With your ticket, you will get to sample American lamb bites, watch lamb butchery demonstrations, and receive a complimentary Jägermeister cocktail.

Monsters of Pork is at The Gallows, 1395 Washington St, Boston from 1-3:30




American Lamb Board / Jägermeister


Regular Ticket: $25
1 entry to Monsters of Lamb.
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The Gallows
1395 Washington Street Boston, MA 02118

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